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Photocopy & Printing

We have A3+ size printer in store so we can do photocopy & printing up to A3+ size. Normal 75¬80gsm paper, A4 size in black colour is 50p per page, colourful £1 per page. We can print Amazon / Ebay Shipping Label for you while you are waiting in our store. Simply forward the postage pdf file to our email… Read More »Photocopy & Printing

Website Colour Code

Dark Blue: 06214ERed: DB2B39Black: 161D30Orange: FFB100Light White: F3F3F3Cyan: 1EC2D9Light Blue: 1E7ADE Primary Accent FFB100Secondary Accent 1E7ADESite Background FFFFFFLight Background F3F3F3Dark Background 06214EText Color 000000Text Dark Background F8F8F8Extra Color 1 DB2B39Extra Color 2 1EC2D9

How to Move WordPress to a New Host or Server With No Downtime

1. Choose a new WordPress host 2. Setup the Duplicator Plugin for Easy Migration 3. Import your WordPress site to the new host 4. Change the Hosts file to prevent downtime 5. Create a MySQL database on your new host 6. Run Duplicator website migration script 7. Updating your domain name server 8. FAQs about moving WordPress to new host

How to Add Meta Tags

Method 1: Using the Yoast SEO Plugin or Meta Tag Manager pluginMethod 2: Without a PluginStep 1: Open the header.php FileStep 2: Copy and Customize the Meta TagsStep 3 (Optional): Use a Conditional Tag Query <meta name=”copyright” content=”Copyright (c)1990-2090 Phone Works. All Rights Reserved.” /> <meta name=”description” content=”phoneworks work beyond phones.” />